LCC lighting innovates to deliver excellence in lighting up the Broadcast Industry.

Global Broadcast Industry news spoke to Lee Rickard of LCC Lighting

Can you tell why LCC stands out in the UK Broadcast lighting sector?

“In one word innovation, we believe we are the most innovative lighting company in the UK, all of our solutions are unique, just like the people we work for. With nearly 25 years’ experience in all forms of lighting we deliver outstanding value and technical expertise to all areas of industry, not just Broadcast.

From initial discussions to hand over, we will deliver the project on time, on budget and we will, if at all possible, exceed customer expectations. We will always suggest ways to enhance the project and increase flexibility and usability of the end result.”

You say innovation is a key part of your business model could you expand a little on this?

“We are always on the lookout for products and equipment that can be integrated into the customers space to add to the production possibilities that can be achieved. In many cases the enhancements have little or no impact on the budgetary or technical constraints of the project.”

Lee Rickard MD LCC

What sort of projects have you worked on recently?

“Large or small, Uk, Europe or farther afield. Your idea can become reality. Stress free and on budget our team will ensure that your project will be handed over just how you imagined it. Infinity Curves, Infinity curves for Photography or Virtual production. These curves can be any size, Straight, L Shaped or U shaped. Fitted to your room. Each curve is bespoke to the clients wishes. Drapes/Tracks/Grids, We supply and install Lighting grids for any size of studio. The grids can be designed to fit your requirements exactly. Cyclorama Tracks to allow exact positioning of your studio drapes.​ Light Walls, ​Bespoke light walls, allowing the client to fit rear lit screens. The screen can be printed with a logo or other graphic, we can work with your designer or graphic artist, or we can recommend some to you.​ Add on services, ​We work closely with number of System Integrators, Acousticians, Set Designers, Builders, Certification and Testing Engineers . Our Electrical and Mechanical installers are all fully qualified, certified and insured. If you need advice or suggestions for any of these services, we will gladly point you in the right direction.”

Can you tell us who you; have worked for in recent years?

“Where do you want me to start?” Responded Lee before giving us a taste of his extensive client list!  “Cisco, HSBC Bank, S.I.S. Live, Timeline TV, Northwestern University – Qatar, Sultan of Oman, Sussex Constabulary, University of East London, Liverpool John Moores University, Middlesex University, Surrey Constabulary, West Yorkshire Police Forensic Unit, C.S.W.P. ,Premier League Football TV, CBC (London), Stock Exchange, Schroeders Bank, Megahertz Broadcast, Sony Broadcast, Bottleyard Studio. And many more”

​What is new for LCC?

“We are Now Shipping: DLS-2 (60 Watts)/ DLS-3 (120 Watts) – Bi-Colour SMD Led Panel AC/DC. New to the market. The Dynacore DLS-2 & 3. These units are ideal soft/fill lights. Designed for Location or Studio use, they give a soft even light output that can be adjusted from 3200k to 5600k for fine balancing no matter the ambient light conditions.  The units can be supplied as individual fixtures or in a kit of 3, supplied with a wheeled transit case for ease of transport. Ideal for ENG, Studio use and the rental market. AC Power is delivered via a 4 Pin XLR connector from the PSU. If mains power is not available they can be powered from a V-Lock battery pack clipped on the rear of the unit. The DLS-2 is supplied with a 4 leaf barn-door and a built in diffuser, they come standard with DMX and manual control,  with DMX, 1 channel for dimming and 1 channel to adjust the colour with manual separate controls are on the back. The yoke is fitted with a 16mm socket adaptor for stand or grid mounting. The transit case holds 3 fixtures, the AC adaptors and cabling to operate the kit, it has an extendable handle and a set of wheels in the base.

The DLS-3 works in a very similar way to the DLS-2 but is approx: 30cm x 60cm instead of 30cm x 30cm. The DLS-3 contains 1200 Leds and the DLS-2 contains 936. With diffused soft light these fixtures are a great light for VR Production and green screen work.”

Can you summarise what LCC can offer in a paragraph?

“LCC Lighting supply and install lighting equipment from a wide number of manufacturers. We will recommend equipment but if you have a preferred make we will ensure you get the best deal possible. Set Dressing/Buildings: Whether for Television, Theatre or Architectural. LCC can supply and install lighting to enhance the look of your set or building. Indoor or outdoor. Trade Shows/Exhibitions: Over the years we have asked to help various clients with the construction, and enhancements of trade show stands and exhibition booths of varying complexity and size, if you require assistance, please contact us​”

You can contact Lee at

Mail:               [email protected]

Phone:             Direct: +447976-200777 / Office: +441483-813814