LCC light up the Jewellery Maker Channel

In conjunction with Megahertz Broadcast and Gemporia, LCC Lighting updated lighting for the Jewellery Maker Channels TV studio.

In an update to the Jewellery Maker Channel TV studio. LCC Lighting was tasked with fitting luminaires to light the new studio. They also had to light the columns and shelves within the new area.

LCC used Doughty adjustable drop arms and rigging to get the rig to a workable height, the columns and shelves were fitted with RGB(W) LED strips and controlled by a wireless DMX system. The DMX system is controlled from the Gallery using a Pre-set button control system that is pre-programmed depending on the live show. Multiple presets can be programmed into the 2 gang controller by simply pressing the programme stream button and setting the lighting. This option was chosen as there are limited technicians available while on air. Presets can be changed in seconds if required, allowing the look of the output to be modified to suit the programme being broadcast.

Lee Rickard of LCC Lighting thanked Simon Clare (Gemporia) and his crew, Julie Bugdale and Andy Hinkinson, saying “LCC would like to express the great help we had from Simon Clare (Gemporia) and his crew, Julie Bugdale and Andy Hinkinson who rigged, soldered and made the job happen. The crew and client were a joy to work with and complete the job, on time, within budget and got it on Air on time. I salute you, thanks for pushing the boundaries.”

LCC has been installing broadcast quality studio lighting in the UK and across the globe for the past twenty years.

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