After months of price rises and supply chain uncertainty throughout the global pro audio industry, UK manufacturer Prism Sound is delighted to announce some good news – it is making significant cuts to the price of many of its top of the range audio interfaces, including its recently launched Dream ADA-128 modular audio conversion system.

The reasons for the price decrease are two-fold: Prism Sound has successfully streamlined its in-house manufacturing process in the UK, and it has also benefited from price reductions on some key electronic components.

“Like all manufacturers we saw the price of electronic components rise after the Covid pandemic, but thankfully that market segment is now becoming more stable,” says Prism Sound’s Managing Director Jody Thorne. “We have also taking a long, hard look at our manufacturing processes and operational costs and have been able to implement some changes that have resulted in savings, which we are now passing on to our customers. It has always been our philosophy to support customers in every way we can, and we are confident that this price reduction will be welcomed by all audio professionals who, like so many others, have faced relentless increases in the cost of key goods and services in recent years.”

Prism Sound’s new Dream ADA-128 is aimed at audio professionals across many different disciplines, including music recording, post-production, broadcast, installation, Dolby Atmos and archiving. Named for its remarkable ability to provide up to 128 channels of premium Prism Sound 32-bit A/D and D/A conversion in a single 2U rack, it is already a very cost-effective solution as 128 channels of Prism Sound’s flagship ADA-8XR conversion would cost approximately £25,000 more and take up a lot more space in a rack.

As part of the new pricing structure, Prism Sound is dropping the cost of a new DREAM ADA-128 converter from £7,500 for the chassis only to £6,499 – a price that includes either a Dante or PTHDX host card.

In addition, Prism Sound is reducing the cost of its award-winning audio interfaces, including Lyra, Titan and Atlas. Lyra will now cost £1,899 instead of £2,499, while Titan goes down to £2,699 from £3500 and Atlas is down from £4,000 to £3,199.

“These savings are substantial, and we have only been able to make them by looking carefully at our own costs to see where we could streamline our operation and improve efficiency,” Jody Thorne adds. “What we haven’t done, however, is reduce the quality of our products – Prism Sound audio converters and interfaces are, and always will be, the best money can buy. Quality is our hallmark, and we certainly won’t compromise on that!”

For more information about Prism Sound’s new pricing structure, please visit or speak to an authorised distributor – a full list of these in all territories is also available on the Prism Sound website.


About Prism Sound
Founded in 1987, Prism Sound manufacture professional digital audio equipment for the international broadcast, film and music production sectors. The company’s products are renowned for their exceptional audio quality and are the converters and interfaces of choice for many of the world’s top artists, producers, composers, mixing and mastering engineers. They are also the mainstay of many internationally acclaimed audio facilities including Metropolis Studios, Sony, ESPN, the Library of Congress and Walt Disney. Prism Sound also produces SADiE audio production workstation software, which is used by major national broadcasters such as the BBC and Radio France, as well as many of the world’s leading mastering houses and classical and live music recording engineers.

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