Intinor, Sweden’s leading developer of products and solutions for high quality video over the internet, has added a very powerful HEVC/H.265 encoder to the facilities available in the Direkt link and Direkt router platforms. This uses a powerful software codec which adopts artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimise the encoding.

The Intinor Direkt series is already regarded as the industry standard in encoding for high quality delivery, and is widely used by the esports market. This has used H.264, but users were constantly pressing for even higher quality and functionality.

“Our customers rely on us for mission critical streamed delivery, so they need feeds which are completely reliable,” said Peder Boberg, Product Manager at Intinor. “But they also want very high quality, very low latency, and all at very low bitrates. We have been evaluating ways of achieving this using H.265 for some time, and now we have a very powerful, adaptive codec fully integrated into our platform.”

The implementation allows users to adjust the parameters to achieve the balance they need. They can achieve better perceived quality at the same bitrate as H.264, or they can maintain the quality they are used to in a smaller bitrate.

“We know users want to implement full remote production over the internet,” Boberg explained. “Now they can use our proven and very popular platform, which uses network bonding to guarantee the maximum bandwidth from source to destination, and use it to stream true multi-camera remote production, with the stable and very high video quality of H.265. This is what we have been asked for, and we are very excited to be able to demonstrate it.”

Intinor will showcase the new functionality at Hamburg Open, Germany’s innovation and networking event for broadcast and AV technology. On stand 728, hall B6, Hamburg Messe, a live, split screen demonstration of Intinor’s existing high quality H.264 encoding alongside the new H.265 codec will allow visitors to experiment with settings and see how services can be established to meet their precise requirements.

Also on display will be Intinor Direkt Management (IDM), the completely re-imagined user interface. After 20 years of continuous development, the Direkt platform is now extremely capable with comprehensive functionality for all users of high quality streamed video. IDM gives users a simple and streamlined way to set up workflows and ensure they get the results they require.

“We recognise that we work in an extremely competitive market, and we continue to innovate in response to the expectations of our users,” Boberg concluded. “A key part of that is maintaining a close dialogue with the industry, and informal events like Hamburg Open is a great way to show what we have today, to hint about what we might have tomorrow, and to debate directions for the future.”