9 November 2023: International Sales Team (IST), a global network of highly experienced broadcast and media industry professionals, renowned for their expertise in sales, is pleased to announce a significant enhancement of its services, now tailored to foster international expansion and industry competitiveness. As a “Sales Team for Hire”, IST has unveiled a suite of new services designed to empower businesses looking to expand in the global marketplace.

Under the banner of ‘GROW GLOBAL’ IST’s latest offerings include:

Local Presence – IST’s premium full-time service provides dedicated regional sales management to develop new business opportunities and bolstering performance in regions worldwide.

Local Knowledge – Introducing a new individual opportunity management service that leverages the strength of local presence, covering everything from RFIs to RFPs and on to successful delivery.

Local Data – IST’s newly introduced tailored market research service which provides essential local intelligence on business prospects, region by region.

Local Connections – A new personalised response service designed to follow up and qualify leads and enquiries from exhibitions, conferences and seminars, ensuring maximum returns on your trade show investments.

Charlie Day, Partner Manager for International Sales Team said, “We are excited to expand our suite of services to meet the evolving needs of our industry. Our new services are designed to easily and economically enable the industry to expand into new territories and countries, compete effectively in international tendering, access and analyse international market data, and professionally manage and qualify new customer leads and enquiries.”

Day continued, “All of our new services are a direct response to the industry’s demands, as both manufactures and services providers seek to grow their businesses. Too often, a visitor will get little more than a generic email after the event. Our ‘Local Connections’ service ensures that the investments made in trade shows and seminars generates a substantial return on investment once the event has closed.”


About International Sales Team
International Sales Team is an Australian founded, global company that provides Sales Teams as a Service – STaaS.

International trade has always been difficult with foreign languages, local customs and time zones to overcome. With the added restrictions that were brought about by the global pandemic, successfully presenting products and services in overseas territories has seemed almost unachievable.

Businesses today are familiar with SaaS (Software as a Service) and the practice of moving fixed overheads and Capex to a variable and flexible Opex. Moving your sales team to STaaS and to International Sales Team is the next logical step.

Further information for International Sales Team can be found at InternationalSalesTeam.com

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