Fiilex Track Lights Illuminate the Future at California’s Kings Canyon Podcast Studio

By Richard Inman

In the heart of Southern California, just a stone’s throw from the Disneyland, lies a marvel of modern living: Broadstone Atlas. This 483-unit apartment community, completed in 2022, is a haven for working professionals seeking the epitome of luxury and convenience.

The Broadstone Atlas is not merely a place to live; it’s a lifestyle statement. With award-winning amenities that include a contemporary clubroom, a tranquil pool courtyard, a cutting-edge fitness centre, and even a full-service pet spa, it’s a world unto itself.

Yet, it is the Kings Canyon Podcast Studio that truly sets Broadstone Atlas apart. This groundbreaking amenity, a vision brought to life by Joseph J. Dominguez, President of Construction for the Southern California Division of Alliance Residential Company, offers a unique space for visual communication.

Within the confines of a 13’x17′ room, three distinct recording sets await the creative minds of the residents. Whether it’s a textured wooden back wall for podcasting, a large greenscreen for filming, or foamed back panels for presentations, the studio is a canvas for innovation.

The choice of Fiilex 90W DMX track fixtures for the studio was no mere coincidence. Compact, reliable, and boasting cine-grade light quality, these fixtures transform an ordinary room into a production studio. Their deployment in renowned sets like Star Wars adds a touch of cinematic magic, enhancing the branding of the apartment.

Joseph’s vision was clear: to create a functional facility that empowers residents to produce high-quality marketing videos, educational content, or real-time online corporate presentations. The Fiilex track fixtures were the perfect fit, meeting the demands of space, quality, and reliability.

Broadstone Atlas is more than an apartment community; it’s a testament to human creativity and the endless possibilities that come with it. It’s a place where dreams are nurtured, and visions are brought to life.

For those seeking to explore this marvel further, the doors of Broadstone Atlas are always open. Visit the project page at Fiilex, watch the introductory video on the Kings Canyon Podcast Studio, or explore the Broadstone Atlas Luxury Apartment in Southern California. The awards and accolades are a testament to its grandeur, and the studio Designer, Joseph J. Dominguez, stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence.