BSC Expo 2024: Motion Impossible Introduces AGITO Cine, A Powerful Dolly System Built to Capture the Money Shot

The company showcased the two new AGITO Gen 2s in distinct configurations along

Offering smart camera dollys and stabilisation solutions that streamline complex shots, Motion Impossible is committed to transforming the way visual stories are told. Its tools have been crafted to complement your expertise, simplifying intricate and inconceivable movements while providing precision, creative freedom and unmatched control.

This year, the company returned to BSC with its biggest solution to date. The AGITO Cine took everything you revere about the AGITO and amplified it for the demands of big-budget productions. With a larger core, expanded wheelbase, and increased ground clearance, it is built to handle heavier camera payloads without compromising the agility that made the flagship AGITO so unique.

This is AGITO Cine’s first UK debut as an official market offering. Originally unveiled as a prototype at the show the previous year, it served as a testing ground for industry professionals to engage with, offering feedback aligned with both personal preferences and broader industry needs. Now, coming full circle, AGITO Cine stood proudly as an exclusive rental option provided by Camera Revolution in the UK and CineMoves in the US, enabling a new wave of operators to immerse themselves in real-world scenarios and provide the company with feedback. This pioneering move by Motion Impossible isn’t just about delivering a product; it is a groundbreaking model that invites serious filmmakers to become architects in its evolution, creating a dolly solution that will stand the test of time.

In addition, the company’s showcase included the new AGITO Gen 2, which boasts updated steering actuators, silent steering, expanded I/O functionality, boosted power outputs, and heightened intelligence capabilities. Attendees had the chance to observe two AGITO Gen 2 dollies displayed in MagTrax and Sports configurations with SHOTOVER G1 and Mini Libra remote heads. MagTrax can be seamlessly laid or embedded into a set, enabling the creation of predetermined, repeatable, and precise movements on both curved and straight paths. Using an AGITO Trax system, the team also previewed the new AGITO Commander control software, which enables motion-control programmable movement.

And last, but not least: Motion Impossible invited visitors to play AGITO Sim, an interactive computer game equipped with a Master Controller for driving the AGITO and wheels for operating the head. It was a chance for visitors to sharpen their framing, operational, and communication skills before getting onto the set.

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