Bringing the Sanxingdui archaelogical discoveries to life

When faced with the challenge of creating a show to showcase the new discoveries in Sanxingdui, one of the most important archaeological sites in China, the national television CCTV decided to make the information both attractive and understandable for all audiences.

For that reason, the idea was to create a eye-catching show, conducted by a combination of real and virtual anchors, using a real presenter along with Daliren, one of most important existing culture relic of Sanxingdui found many years ago, to lead the audience to know more about the remains while using one of such remains to spread this knowledge.

So, the responsibles for this show at CCTV wanted Daliren to look alive and interact with the real anchor, so they relied on production company Camkoon to create the virtual character. Daliren is a copper sculpture, but it had to become alive to make the interaction with the real person seamless and believable.

The final result and the impressive effect created with such high-end technology equipment were highly regarded by the CCTV News centre leader. They appreciated the impact of using virtual studio and AR technology to bring a cultural relic to life, and the interaction between the real anchor and Daliren was not only impressive but also facilitated the audience to focus on the show and ensured the information was spread.

Bringing the Sanxingdui archaelogical discoveries to life with Brainstorm