Bright Tangerine introduces the Misfit Kick II, enhanced for an exceptional user experience.

Friday, September 1, 2023 Bright Tangerine is excited to announce the launch of their new product, the Misfit Kick Mk II. This matte box is an innovative advancement from the original Misfit Kick, and it will make filmmaking easier than ever.

Its lightweight design and versatile features enable cinematographers to work with confidence, delivering results faster than ever before. The new updated version of the matte box also comes with several improvements providing users with more options for creating unique images.

All-new Quick Release Top Flag with Torsion Plate

Misfit Kick Mk II - QR Top Flag - Torsion Plate

Misfit Kick Mk II – QR Top Flag – Torsion Plate

Users will immediately notice a distinct difference in the new mounting mechanism for the top flag, which allows for quick and effortless installation in a matter of seconds. By simply aligning the notches and tightening the two large thumbscrews, users can securely fasten the flag.

Another notable enhancement is the introduction of the Torsion Plate on the flags. This revolutionary addition spans the entire length of the flag, effectively absorbing and dampening vibrations that could potentially impact the setup.

When used handheld, filmmakers will experience reduced fatigue and, when mounted on a vehicle, they will enjoy sharper and clearer images.

Overall, these advancements not only ensure convenience and ease of use, but also contribute to a more refined and professional filmmaking experience.

The Misfit Kick Evolution Continues

Misfit Kick Mk II - versatile

Misfit Kick Mk II – versatile


The Misfit Kick Mk II showcases the innovative Reveal Stage for tool-less conversion from 2-stage to 3-stage, Frame Safe clamp adapters for wider coverage, compatibility with ARRI components, and a lightweight yet durable carbon fiber construction.

Users have the flexibility to customise the Misfit Kick Mk II according to their preferences, whether they opt for a compact handheld setup or expand it with swing-away and studio support options.

Start from a selection of kits or build out your own with a wide range of accessories.

Available Today

Misfit Kick Mk II - compact handheld

Misfit Kick Mk II – compact handheld

 The Misfit Kick Mk II is now shipping and can be ordered directly from the Bright Tangerine website. Enjoy the convenience of free shipping and take advantage of our 30-day free returns*. Alternatively, you can also find it at authorised dealers near you.

 The Misfit Kick Mk II is the perfect tool for filmmakers looking to get creative with their shots. With its versatile design and innovative features, it’s sure to become a staple in any filmmaker’s kit.

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Misfit Kick Mk II - frame safe

Misfit Kick Mk II – frame safe

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