SingMai’s SM03 video enhancer uses proprietary algorithms to maximise the video quality from video sources such as analogue laserdisc or U-matic and VHS tapes, in real time.

A proprietary video decoder uses comb filters, extracting all the high frequency luma information that is usually discarded.

An adaptive median filter reduces ‘salt and pepper’ noise and tape dropouts, without distorting fine details and a 3D adaptive recursive filter reduces background noise.

A full frame synchroniser ensures a stable, low jitter, SDI output under all input conditions.

Histogram equalisation, edge enhancement and lip-sync correction allow further optimisation of the video source while a proc-amp allows adjustment of colour balance, brightness, contrast and picture position, as well as control of all the enhancement features.

You are only going to archive this material once, let the SM03 ensure it is the best quality you can get.

The SM03 could be seen at stand K48 by attendees at The Media Production & Technology Show 2024.


About Singmai

SingMai, with offices in the UK and Thailand, have sold to over twenty countries, from China to Canada and from Germany to Taiwan. Our customers include Rhode and Schwarz, NASA, Lockheed, L3, ESWIN, BYD, Innosilicon and General Dynamics. Applications for our products include broadcast TV, digital signage, underwater and pipeline inspection, low light imaging, security and video archiving.