Red5 Pro adds V-Novas LCEVC to its real-time latency platform to enhance quality in next-generation interactive applications

  • Nova and Red5 Pro join efforts to offer both fastest real-time latency live streaming and best video quality
  • The combined solution will underpin the viability of a broad array of use cases including Metaverse applications
  • The solution will deliver high-quality video  <400ms and even <100ms latency in the near future

London, UK – 8th December 2021 Red5 Pro, whose technology is revolutionizing real-time latency live video streaming, and V-Nova, a leading provider of video compression solutions, today announce the addition of MPEG-5 LCEVC codec enhancement into Red5Pro’s live streaming platform.

Interactive applications such as sports, betting, auctions, watch-parties, and soon the highly anticipated metaverse all rely on the lowest possible latency and photo-realistic picture quality to succeed. Not low-latency, not ultra-low latency, but real-time latency (less than 400ms). This level of latency with quality and scale is critical for these new interactive use cases.

“LCEVC is one of the most promising new video delivery technologies available, and is especially applicable to the new types of video experiences that Red5 Pro is enabling. However, poor user experience due to latency in live events streams will represent $2.8 billion in lost annual revenue in 2026, underlining the importance of reducing latency in these applications.” said Alex Davies, Senior Analyst, Rethink Technology Research.

Today’s integration of MPEG-5 LCEVC will help Red5 Pro ensure that its customers can build market-leading real-time video streaming apps for HTML5, Android, and iOS and brings the latest compression efficiency benefits to Red5 Pro’s broad customer base across live sports, gambling, gaming, and real-time comms.

MPEG-5 LCEVC (ISO/IEC 23094-2) improves compression efficiency and enhances the quality of video while reducing compute, time and energy consumption. The combined solution can run on AWS Wavelength and other Edge computing platforms to achieve sub 100ms latency ( delivering real-time latency at scale, without any compromise on the best quality picture. Additionally, the lower bandwidth requirements ensure an improved Quality of Experience at home as well as on the go, at any time, and on any end-user device.

“Adding the latest MPEG standard, LCEVC, has given us a step-change upgrade to the user experience we bring to our customers’ applications whilst maintaining our real-time latency performance. Coupling that with the reduced compute overhead LCEVC offers means we’ve also been able to reduce our operating costs and environmental impact too” said Chris Allen, CEO and Technical Co-Founder at Red5 Pro.

“This latest integration is a further confirmation of the advantages of MPEG-5 LCEVC. With Red5 Pro on board, the ecosystem of our codec-enhancer solution continues to expand, with platform availability increasing. We’re excited to continue to work closely with Red5 Pro and support the rapid adoption of their superb products and solutions”, said Guido Meardi, CEO and Co-Founder, V-Nova.

Parties interested in a demonstration of the latest Red5 Pro platform with LCEVC should contact Sylvio Jelovich at [email protected].

About V-Nova

V-Nova, a London based IP and software company, is dedicated to improving data compression by building a vast portfolio of innovative technologies based on the game-changing use of AI and parallel processing for data, video, imaging, point cloud compression, with applications across several verticals.

This is achieved through deep-science R&D (300+ international patents) and the development of products that test, prove, and continuously enhance the technology portfolio.

V-Nova LCEVC is the industry’s first highly optimized library for encoding and decoding enhanced video streams with MPEG-5 Part 2, Low-Complexity Enhancement Video Coding (LCEVC). V-Nova VC-6 is a high-performance AI-powered software library for SMPTE VC-6 (ST-2117) which is used primarily for professional production workflows and imaging applications.

V-Nova has developed multiple award-winning software products to kickstart the ecosystems for its technologies and allow their immediate deployment, addressing use cases in TV, media, entertainment, social networks, eCommerce, ad-tech, security, aerospace, defence, automotive and gaming.

V-Nova’s business model is to monetize its technologies through software licensing, IP royalties and product sales.

About Red5 Pro

Since 2005 Red5 Pro has been on a mission to accelerate how people connect. From our Red5 open source roots to our upcoming Real-time eXperience-as-a-Service (RTXaaS) platform to our XDN ecosystem, Red5 Pro is built to scale customized workstreams that power real-time streaming eXperiences for the emerging metaverse.