Learn why Rapidmooc choose the USB Capture HDMI and USB Capture HDMI Plus devices from Magewell?

The OEM Customer : Rapidmooc

Rapidmooc designs and markets all-in-one video studios which offer everything you need to create professional-quality videos at scale. All models feature a compact design and combine both video recording hardware and capture processing software. The Rapidmooc studios integrate multiple and easy-to-use features for optimal user convenience. The software enables users to record in multiple modes and offers the essentials of post-shooting editing, including a customizable digital prompter. Rapidmooc provides the possibility to create as many professional quality videos as you want, independently, in minutes, at a lower cost and within everyone’s reach.

The Challenge

The all-in-one Rapidmooc studios have a rather slim design, leaving little room for the integration of audiovisual components. The main challenge was therefore to simplify and miniaturise the solution without losing video quality.

As Rapidmooc studios are used by many speakers connecting their own laptops, it was important for us to find a solution that could handle the widest range of computers, resolutions, and display connectors, be it HDMI, DisplayPort or Thunderbolt.


The Solution

After testing many products, we have chosen the USB Capture HDMI and USB Capture HDMI Plus devices from Magewell (Distributed by MVD Europe BV). They are by far the best performing capture dongles on the market and offer excellent image quality. In addition, the devices can handle multiple input resolutions and allow operators to change video sources while running.

“The compact design of the Magewell capture devices fits perfectly into our kiosk and offers extra features such as HDMI loop through for display on an external screen or headphone output. Software integration was super easy, the Magewell USB capture devices are plug and play and fully supported by the Windows operating system which was not the case for the capture cards we were using previously. The Magewell USB capture devices also have a very useful software tool that allows you to adjust many settings such as image resolution, video frequency, volume, etc.”



Broad benefits

The slim and compact design of the Magewell products allowed us to get rid of our old hardware architecture based on PCI cards which required a rather large PC. Using the Magewell USB devices has enabled us to redesign our range of video kiosks and develop the Rapidmooc GO solution, a miniaturised version to meet our customers’ mobility needs.

Having sold several hundred Rapidmooc studios over the last two years, we can highlight the excellent reliability of Magewell USB capture cards, distributed in Europe by MVD Europe BV www.mvde.eu.

The compatibility of Magewell USB devices with web meeting applications such as zoom, or teams is also much appreciated by our customers who can thus benefit from professional video quality to conduct their meetings and training sessions.

The studios are currently being used by more than 400 universities, companies, and institutions. Customize the studio into your own company colors and install it in a dedicated recording room. Digital Learning, professional training, innovative pedagogies, virtual classes or web meetings, any possible use of video can be realized with this device. Some communication departments or executive committees even use these studios to record annual greetings or to create content that replaces internal communication newsletters!