Oscar-nominated film uses Drylab production technology

The company’s production technology was used on the set of Norwegian arthouse sensation, “The Worst Person in the World”

The Norwegian art-house movie, The Worst Person In The World, was a surprise package at the awards season, earning several nominations, including two Oscar cries. While it failed to win a coveted statuette, its star, Renate Reinsved, was named Best Actress at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, a move that is sure to lead to an onslaught of offers from Hollywood.

Taking on a behind-the-scenes role for a movie that has earned $11.8 million so far at the box office, is a company called Drylab Media Tech PLC, which provided the films tech set-up . A merger with Media Tech SPAC, which helped to secure fresh financing, that has helped to fund Drylabs ambitions for international expansion, and is expected to pave the way to listing on the London Stock Market.

The video below gives further insight into both the film and the Drylab technology, that helped make the magic happen!