Today we at Nordic Entertainment Group take yet another BIG step on our journey with #viaplay when we go live in the U.S.! We kick off the adventure in the U.S. together with Comcast making #viaplay available as an add on subscription on their entertainment platforms Xfinity X1, Xfinity Flex and XClass TV. More partners and our own app to follow in due course. I’m very excited about he opportunity with our unique portfolio of more than 1.100 hours of the best of the best in Nordic storytelling. The biggest and most competitive streaming market in the world is embracing non English language content like never before. The future for diversity, new perspectives and new voices in entertainment is looking brighter every day. And for us it’s like we say in the U.S. campaign; Nordic Noir is just the beginning. #nentgroup #streaming #nordicstorytelling #nordicnoir