Kramer has enhanced the education system for the students and tutors at the University of Helsinki – using its advanced VIA Site Management system to create a more engaging, versatile and secure learning space both at the university and for those working from home.

Established in 1640, The University of Helsinki is widely recognized as the oldest and largest academic education institution in Finland. Home to 31,000 students and near 10,000 employees, it boasts 11 faculties across 4 campuses in the Finnish capital, with an additional 10 partner locations overseas, consisting of campuses and research stations. The university regularly ranks among the Top 100 universities globally.

To solidify its reputation and ability to provide its students with the latest technology, the University of Helsinki required a wireless presentation solution to both avoid cable clutter and provide a more flexible method for presentation. After careful consideration, the facility opted for Kramer collaboration technology, with Kramer VIA facilitating meeting experiences in a more convenient manor for both students and lecturers alike.

Providing full BYOD and BYOM flexibility, the new system allows students to benefit from enhanced video conferencing and collaborative content sharing. With the system running over a closed network, the need for complicated and unsightly cables was eliminated – providing a tidier and safer learning environment.

Another factor that ensured Kramer were the solution of choice was security concerns, as Jyri Poittinen, Head of AV services, University of Helsinki Property Services, explains: “We had already acquired a wireless presentation solution from a Kramer competitor, but the previous vendor was operating on an open network, and there were significant data security issues, with about 200 security attacks reported daily.” Beyond the serious security and privacy implications, this was causing the IT department immense frustration.

The University’s goal was to achieve a secure meeting experience accessible from different meeting platforms and locations, with a solution to their cable management and security issues – all with an enjoyable collaboration and user experience.

To solve the challenge, the university turned to Kramer to provide a technological answer to resolve these security issues. Kramer provided their VIA Site Management (VSM) software as a response. VIA Site Management (VSM) is a software application that allows an administrator to manage, monitor and make changes to all connected VIA-gateways or VIA-endpoints.

It’s the convenience and security of the Kramer VIA system that Jyri is most enthusiastic about. “Kramer’s VIA is easy to use, can be managed remotely, and the VIA app for PC users is especially user-friendly,” he says.

“Operating on a closed network with frequent firmware updates, the solution has also proven to be data secure and gives us the flexibility we need.”

Across the university, 150 VIA Connect Plus presentation and collaboration units were installed, together with the VIA Site Management server. The university chose VIA, a wireless solution, primarily because of its strong security functions, the competitive price of the gateways, and the affordability of VIA Site Management.

Feedback from users has been predominantly positive, and the University’s IT department is satisfied with the improved data security and remote management.

“Kramer’s VIA is easy to use, can be managed remotely, and has frequent firmware updates to ensure data security,” concludes Jyri.

Project in brief:


  • Cable management
  • Better protect the university network, by updating to a secure system able to prevent data attacks.
  • A simpler user experience.
  • Use different meeting platforms.


  • Wireless integration video conferencing and collaboration.
  • Remote Microsoft Teams and Zoom access.
  • Improved cable management.
  • More diverse presentation opportunities.
  • Easier user experience.
  • Packaged costs.


  • VIA Site Management (VSM)
  • VIA Connect Plus
  • VIA Connect2


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