Stand E30, Olympia London, MPTS 2024, 15-16 May: GB Labs showcased its new cloud storage solution, #NebulaNAS, previewed at #NABShow in Las Vegas, in April.

NebulaNAS evolves traditional on-prem #NAS storage into a global storage solution by linking an enterprise’s post-production teams together for seamless collaboration, from anywhere in the world.

NebulaNAS bridges the gap between an organisation’s physical sites and offers a reliable, robust, and lightning-fast central hub for media data. It’s fast, scalable and requires no additional hardware or infrastructure to set up.

New SPACE NVMe options for 2024

GB Labs has introduced two #NVMe options to its #SPACE range, a 24-drive server for rackmount facilities, SPACE NVMe, and a lightweight desktop option, ideal for small office workflows, MiniSPACE NVMe.

Speed is one of the key advantages of NVMe over disk technology, with over 10GB/s writes and up to 40GB/s read back. This is ideal for editing uncompressed image sequences, with 4 to 5 times the performance of SSD servers for post-production editors, working with any codecs (4K, 8K and 16K) and frame size, to accelerate video sequences.

With these new faster NVMe additions to the SPACE family, GB Labs offers even more flexibility and high-performing storage, for on-premise and off-premise workflow requirements.


About GB Labs

GB Labs continuously empowers creative workflows for some of the best-known names in the media and entertainment industry. Much acclaimed for design and innovation within the industry, they have pioneered and perfected spinning disk and SSD shared storage and invented a hybrid disk technology that actually accelerates media workflows.

This comprehensive range of storage and archiving products serve their customers’ needs from ingest to archive and everything in between. What is more, these solutions are easily scalable in both capacity and performance, with minimal downtime. This scalability means a customer can ‘buy as you grow’ which helps keep your initial investment low.

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