Comactiva awarded Nordic Growth Company status by UC

Comactiva Language Partner has been officially awarded Nordic Growth Company status by UC, Sweden’s leading business and credit reference agency. The status relates to performance in the previous financial year.

Comactiva has shown strong growth despite the ongoing pandemic, clearly indicating a great need for language services.

“We are proud and delighted to be granted this status. It proves that we have many satisfied customers who are not only loyal, but also continue to grow with us,” says Victoria H Kilstam, CFO of Comactiva Language Partner.

Demand for language services is increasing as more and more companies realise the value of localising their content and communication, thereby strengthening their presence and boosting sales on local markets.

“Demand looks set to remain high, and even to increase over the coming year. Customers can add a lot of value by working with a language partner that delivers premium translations and professionally localised content. 

In this digital age, it is crucial to communicate with the right person at the right time, with exactly the right content in their local language. Many companies today use digital channels to reach out globally with their products and services,” says Victoria H Kilstam.

A couple of months ago, Linda Gårdlöv took up the post of CEO at Comactiva. With a background in the worlds of marketing, business development and new enterprise, she will be guiding Comactiva on its growth journey.

Comactiva is a flexible language partner that listens to the customer’s needs and conditions. The translations are always created in the country where the language is officially spoken, which provides a current and quality-assured delivery. Comactiva is headquartered in Gothenburg and has a network of translators that extends to all corners of the world. Please visit our website.